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Food matters

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Post by Black » 19 Apr 2018, 08:24

Re: Food matters

Really interesting script :)

Post by Esthlos » 18 Apr 2018, 20:32

Re: Food matters

Ben wrote:I like it. I'll try to look at it later if I have time.


thunder wrote:I'm not sure what you mean exactly when write occupied farms give recruits.

I mean that if you have a farm with a farmer inside, then you start getting free recruits out of its doorstep.

thunder wrote:[...]

That's... pretty hard to do with dynamic scripting. :P

Post by thunder » 18 Apr 2018, 19:40

Re: Food matters


I'm not sure what you mean exactly when write occupied farms give recruits. But I think the farms are enough OP already.

I agree would need to make few types of food more important, but on different way as the unit's hunger level is not well followable as the enemy units are not 'clickable'. So it would make things more random in the fights i guess as it is now.

I rather would say the bread and the vine should give larger percentage fed to soilders than sousages in the inn to the citizens. Or making foods a bit weaker, or just the sousage as that is a kind of bonus with pig+skin from a corn. So the rest of them could be more important. Its also could be an option if its about how to food be an important thing. :wink:

Post by Ben » 18 Apr 2018, 15:09

Re: Food matters

I like it. I'll try to look at it later if I have time. I think this could work in the actual game, as "hidden" modifiers to combat are not really a problem in KaM, since the combat system is a bit chaotic already.

However, you would need to be able to see how hungry enemy soldiers are. It wouldn't exactly be fair to not know what strength you are up against before you attack.

Of course, there is always the chance that this can make the came even more defensive, as it's easier to feed soldiers when they are at home. Perhaps we need a more efficient method to feed soldiers...

Post by Esthlos » 18 Apr 2018, 13:53

Food matters


I've made a small script that
  1. Makes starving troops less effective
  2. Makes well fed troops more effective
  3. Gives free recruits depending on how many occupied farms/vineyards/stables/swine farms you have

The goal is to make food more important for troops; the recruit generation is there to balance the inherent campyness of this change (defenders are more easily kept fed: but if you turtle then you let the enemy expand at will, and free recruits + unlimited wood/leather = the turtle WILL get overwhelmed by unending waves of enemies).
(Free recruits are capped: they won't be generated if you already have too many recruits, including those inside of your towers).

I've attached the script to Golden Cliffs, but it can actually be attached to any map.


P.S. By default, it is set so that:
  • 28 almost dead sword fighters are about as effective as 28 well fed axe fighters
  • 1 farm creates 1 recruit every 5 minutes